What You'll Learn

The Core Plan is designed to cover everything you need to know in two weeks, practicing on average for 10 minutes per day. That is only about an hour and fifteen minutes per week! The frequency of practicing is more important than the length of time spent each session so most sessions are built with a busy lifestyle in mind. (Practices range from 3 minutes up to 23 minutes.)

You customize what time and which days you want to practice to make it easy to stick to your plan. If you choose to practice as little as 3 days per week, it will take about a month to learn all the practices in the core program, but the benefits will still be measurable. Practicing with less than 3 days per week frequency is not recommended.

You will learn:

The Core Plan will also schedule an additional two weeks of repeating the key practices for you. After completing the core program, schedule any of the core practices you would like to continue.

View the overview video for each Practices Section and begin selecting exercises to supplement the core program. In the Practices Section you will learn:

In the Nutrition Section, you will learn nutrition practices that can affect your moods.