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Stress Relief Programs can help reduce costs of stress-related medical claims. Up to 90% of all doctor's office visits can be connected to stress and anxiety. DeStressify has been shown to reduce stress by 20% with only four weeks of practicing (see Case Study tab for details of the Boulder Valley School District Study). Using an app is the most cost effective means for training employees, customers or members in the techniques to reduce stress.

Rapidly rising health care costs are a growing concern. The news bombards us with research studies on the benefits of wellness programs in reducing health care costs, increasing productivity, and achieving fewer missed days of work and higher retention. There is a greater realization of the effects of stress on health issues and workplace conflict. Yet few stress management programs can be implemented in a wide-spread and cost effective manner.

What if you could offer your employees, customers or members a program for stress reduction that could be implemented for only a few dollars per individual and still achieve significant results?

DeStressify is a mobile app, available for both Android and Apple phones and tablets. It can be branded with your logos, colors and fonts and customized to meet your individual needs. The App contains practices spanning meditation, mindfulness, guided visualizations, resilience, self-acceptance, forgiveness, yoga, chi gong, self-care and more. These proven techniques are enhanced with tools for cognitive behavior change such as goal setting, progress tracking, reminders, customization, flexibility, and inviting practice buddies to help the individuals stick to their practice plan.

One of the greatest challenges in any wellness program is getting the individuals to continue the behaviors. By focusing on practices that can be done in about 10 minutes per day and using a device they are already carrying around in their pockets, the program becomes practical even for those with time pressures.

An app allows you to reach individuals that would otherwise never take the time to enroll in a class. And it can be used as an adjunct to in-person training to remind attendees to continue their practices.

With greater compliance, coupled with techniques that actually shift long-term perceptions, an App really can be a serious tool to achieve stress relief that lasts.

Stress Refuge offers a competitive Partner Program including:

  • Volume discounts
  • Pay only for licenses consumed
  • Custom branding (Logo, colors, fonts, styling)
  • Include or exclude any of the content of DeStressify PRO
  • Add in Partner exclusive content as audio, video or text
  • Easily distribute to employees, customers or membership via email or secure link to custom enrollment page
  • For affiliates wishing to distribute DeStressify PRO without customization, a discount program is offered based on quantity ordered and a revenue sharing option is available for email partners.

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